We currently have arrangements with multiple providers to mirror the ISO images. If you can provide web hosting and would be interested in mirroring them, contact us at ubuntu-mythtv@lists.ubuntu.com or #ubuntu-mythtv-dev. We can get a daily rsync set up after the ISO builds.



Downloads are done with a weighted round robin script, so we can attempt to limit the amount of monthly bandwidth we send your server. We currently have mirrors ranging in bandwidth between 200GB/Month to 4TB/Month.

Disk Space

We need disk space for the current ISO's, the LTS ISO's, and the current Development ISO's. We also need disk space for the upcoming Development ISO, but will remove the old Development ISO shortly after the new one is released. Max disk space needed is 7.5 GB, but average is around 6GB. If we start making alternate disks again, max will be 12 GB needed, average around 9GB.