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Mythbuntu 14.04.1 Released

posted Aug 6, 2014, 7:30 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Aug 22, 2014, 9:13 PM ]

Mythbuntu 14.04.1 has been released. This is a point release on our 14.04 LTS release. If you are already on 14.04, you can get these same updates via the normal update process.

The 14.04.x series of releases is the Mythbuntu team's second LTS and is supported until shortly after the 16.04 release.

You can get the Mythbuntu ISO from our downloads page.


  • MythTV 0.27
  • This is our second LTS release (the first being 12.04). See this page for more info.
  • Bug fixes from 14.04 release

Underlying system

  • Underlying Ubuntu updates are found here


  • Recent snapshot of the MythTV 0.27 release is included (see 0.27 Release Notes)
  • Mythbuntu theme fixes

We appreciated all comments and would love to hear what you think. Please make comments to our mailing list, on the forums (with a tag indicating that this is from 14.04 or trusty), or in #ubuntu-mythtv on Freenode. As previously, if you encounter any issues with anything in this release, please file a bug using the Ubuntu bug tool (ubuntu-bug PACKAGENAME) which automatically collects logs and other important system information, or if that is not possible, directly open a ticket on Launchpad (http://bugs.launchpad.net/mythbuntu/14.04/).

Known issues

  • If you are upgrading and want to use the HTTP Live Streaming you need to create a Streaming storage group
  • During an upgrade to 0.27, you may receive the following error message

    "ERROR 1046 (3D000) at line 22: No database selected" This means that your /etc/mythtv/config.xml file has incorrect info in it. Please fix this and try running the update again.