Bazaar (bzr)

All of the components for Mythbuntu are stored in bzr, a version control system. bzr will be required for reviewing code and making branch modifications.

You can install bzr from apt://bzr

Once you've installed bzr, you'll want to set up your user account using the whoami command.

For example: 

bzr whoami "Mario Limonciello <>"

If you will be creating patches or changing things, you'll want to configure pushing via SSH. There are two prerequisites: 
  1. You need to add an SSH key to your Launchpad account. You can visit for more information on how to do this.
  2. You need to log into launchpad using launchpad-login: 
bzr launchpad-login USER

Checking out a branch is done like this: 

bzr get BRANCH_URL
  • BRANCH_URL is the URL described individually below 
Add new files that weren't previously in version control:

bzr add FILE

FILE is the file to add (with the full path)

Before committing changes, use the following commands to see what you are about to commit:

bzr status
bzr diff

To actually commit your changes:

bzr commit

If you are in the Mythbuntu Team (, you should bind to the branch and then will push when you make a commit automatically. 

bzr bind BRANCH_URL

If you are not in the Mythbuntu group, you will be able to push to a private branch and then request a merge from a Mythbuntu developer. 

bzr push lp:~USER/mythbuntu/BRANCH_NAME

  • USER is your launchpad account name
  • BRANCH_NAME is the name of the branch that will be merged

Subversion (svn)

Components for MythTV, Mythplugins, and Myththemes are stored via svn, a version control system. svn will be required for producing patches to submit upstream.

You can install svn from apt://subversion

Here is the syntax for checking out from a svn branch:

svn checkout BRANCH_URL

If you have an existing checkout and just want to update to the latest version, here's how to do it:

svn update BRANCH_URL