Fix committed

Before marking a bug as fix committed, be sure to request a developer to add the bug number changelog (after which they will run "debcommit; bzr push"). This will allow the launchpad janitor to come along and close the bug automaticly when the next build occurs.


Ubuntu based Myth installs are actually made up of multiple packages, some of which have independant projects on Launchpad. They are listed in approximate order of bug and/or development activity. A snapshot of bug counts and links to the packages that make up Mythbuntu can be found at the Mythbuntu package report on Launchpad, but the links are difficult to use and the useful bug counts are missing. Here is our equivilent to the package report:

 Project NameProject DescriptionBug Reports Source code Released changes Pre-released changes 
 MythbuntuOverall project  bugs   
 mythtv (Ubuntu) Main MythTV bugs   

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There are also pseudo-projects which track selected upstream bugs: